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Karhu (4 products)

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About Karhu
Established in 1916, the Finnish sports brand, Karhu is a leading running brand in Europe and has provided technical running and outdoor gear for nearly 100 years. With an authentic heritage in running shoe manufacturing, paired with cutting-edge innovation, Karhu has become an influential brand in the field of athleticism. In the 1970s, Karhu determined that something was needed to carry the weight of the runner while also absorbing the pressure placed on the knees. After considering the installation of a spring, they invented the Karhu Champion, which was the first model to utilize the Air Cushioned sole. Karhu’s Fulcrum Technology is a midsole solution comprised of a triangular, hard compressed unit that allows the foot to roll effectively. Fulcrum Technology promotes balanced cushioning, increased support, and reduced stress on the body through a more natural running gait and faster transition from heel to toe. Developed by Karhu in the 1980s, Fulcrum Technology is still an integral part of the current design.