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“OG Abel” as many of us know him by, is one of Southern California’s most successful Artists. He grew up in South Central Los Angeles on 92nd St between Hoover and Figueroa. An area infested with crime, gangs and violence.

Sirens, gunshots and police helicopters were a permanent ambiance to his young life. Its a place where most kids arm themselves at an early age for protection. For him, art was his refuge and his weapon of choice was the spray paint can. It became an escape from all the hardships surrounding him throughout his youth. It helped him avert the gang lifestyle and becoming another victim of the streets of Los Angeles.

Abel’s unique style is sought out by many. His early passion for graf?ti as well as his present mediums of choice have spread his art throughout the globe like a Southern California wild fire.

Today OGABEL The Brand takes pride in the quality of the end product produced. "Every newly released design has been lying in wait, patiently awaiting for the last keystrokes of the brush, and/or for the right time to be introduced for the world to see... Yes, we are involved every step of the way, from concept to thumbnails, from rough sketches all the way up to the separations, inks and screens used to imbed our images on the unique surface of every product OGABEL Collection produces."

The heart and soul of OGABEL The Brand is the artist behind it not the CEO. It is what makes this company unique. "It's not about how many rappers, actors and rock stars wear the brand, it's about us normal individuals being moved by such high impacting visual interpretations of thoughts, feelings and emotions we all as a human brotherhood share alike. As an artist, a compliment and or praise for ones' compositions are worth more than gold."