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About Steadfast
Steadfast Brand was build out of a tattoo parlor and is a name that the core of the tattoo industry has known since the launch of the company just over 7 years ago.  In the past year, however, Steadfast Brand has become a name that has raised eyebrows across the states and beyond.  The industry owned brand is enjoying unprecedented growth with their straight-forward approach to art, never backing away from voicing their opinions, and unwavering support of the tattoo community.  Designs like "Tattooed and Employed," which says a persons worth is not determined by their choice to adorn themselves with art, “I Want A Tattooed President,” which was call for working class candidates, and “Support the Tattooed Military”, in response to new regulations banning tattoos in the armed forces, have energized the tattooed and non-tattooed alike to the brand's message: non-biased support of individualism.  We have always enjoyed the creative artwork and messages that Steadfast Brand has brought to the table and now it looks as if the rest of the world is ready to see what they have to offer.