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Started in 2007, Pant Saggin Dezign is the creation of Ryan and Curt Flaitz. The two brothers from a small town in Upstate New York believed that, while the clothing industry is a flooded market, brands that consumers can truly identify with are few and far between. So with Ryan, an artist since childhood, using his hand drawn designs, and Curt doing the marketing, the two set about growing their customer base one person at a time to usher in PSD’s “Era of Change.” Beginning with the local Northeastern motocross, skateboarding, wakeboard, and music scenes, PSD traveled to as many events as possible. Only one year after starting the company on their own dime, Ryan and Curt took their “Self Made, Self Paid” philosophy on the road, hitting both the amateur and pro motocross nationals in 2008 and 2009, attending garment conventions and many other non-sporting events along the way. With each stop the brand recognition grew, and in a relatively short period of time, Pant Saggin Dezign had a devout following. While the company name itself describes a certain style, it also refers to the greater changing trends in the way people dress. As the Flaitz brothers say, “you don’t wear your pants as high as your father’s”, which is something their followers and fans can identify with.
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