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Emerica Footwear is a subsidiary of Sole Technologies, Inc., and was founded in 1996 by Pierre André Senizergues. Emerica Footwear first emerged after its parent company, Etnies Footwear, was brought to America and began to explode in popularity as a premiere skate shoe company. Emerica Footwear burst onto the scene when Etnies Footwear owner Pierre André Senizergues struck a deal with the European distributors of Etnies Footwear that allowed him to claim ownership of the entire Etnies brand and subsequently the European Etnies shoes became Emerica skate shoes.

Nowadays, Emerica Footwear still thrives and is considered one of the top skate shoes money can buy, both for quality and comfort. Emerica Footwear focuses all of their attention on skateboarding, and leave the other action sports to their parent company, Etnies Footwear. This allows Emerica Footwear to produce a large variety of high quality skate shoes for any taste.

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