Journeys is a leader in the teen specialty retail scene, with more than 800 stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. Journeys uses fashion savvy and merchandising science to keep in step with the fast-paced footwear and accessories market for 13 to 22-year-old guys and girls.

Journeys offers a wide variety of trendy, relevant brands that cater to teens that seek the hottest, new styles. However, the Journeys store is more than a retail environment -- it’s an extension of the teen lifestyle. From the TVs playing exclusive content and the latest music videos, to the visual merchandising strategy and promotions, to the employees whose image and style reflect the customers’ lifestyle and attitude. Journeys is, in every way, an attitude you can wear!


1Cul·ture- the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. Some companies say they have a “corporate culture”, but at Journeys we have an attitude that works hard, plays hard and rewards success. 


Since 1986 we have lived by a set of Core Values that guide every decision we make. Check out our Core Values:

core values

Check out how we live out Core Value #4 - Embrace Individuality and Diversity... At Journeys, we let YOU be YOU!