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Think you've got the look? We are always scouting for new talent and you don’t have to be a professional model. Although we’ve worked with modeling agencies in the past, some of our favorite looks came from our customers and our employees! If selected, you could be featured in our catalog, national ads, on our in-store TV network or our website.

Upcoming Opportunities: Who May Apply

If you are interested in being considered for a position as a JOURNEYS model, you must meet the following criteria:

*You must be a citizen of the United States
*You must be a legal resident of -AND- live in the Miami, FL, Philadelphia, PA or Nashville, TN area at the time you submit your application.
*You must have reliable transportation
*You must be at least 16 years of age at the time you submit your application with a valid work permit
(parental consent will be required prior to actual shooting if you are under the age of 18).

*You have to be available on weekdays

How To Make It Happen: The Application Process

To be considered, submit the following information to
In the subject line enter “Model Search Application.” In the body of the email, submit the following details:

Full Name (First and Last)
Sizes in:
-Shirts (S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc)
-Pants (waist and length)
Contact Number(s)
City and State of legal residence
Email Address

Attach two photos*:
- 1) one head shot
- 2) one full body shot in clothing that shows your interpretation of how you “Wear Your Attitude”

*All photographs must be current within the last 6 months. The images on the photograph must be clear and in focus. We will not consider nude, lewd or vulgar photographs.

Oh Yeah

You may be contacted for further information. If you are chosen for a casting call, we will contact you with the details related to the casting call.

This is not a contest. There is no winner. This is an application for a job as a model for JOURNEYS retail stores and JOURNEYS, in its sole and complete discretion, will consider the applications and determine to whom to invite to a casting call or otherwise offer a job as a model for JOURNEYS.

Want to be a model for Journeys?

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