For over 230 years, Birkenstock has emphasized the simple principles of health and wellness, quality workmanship and materials, and respect for the environment.

Call it sustainable comfort; Birkenstock sandals are designed and sized to provide a roomy fit, allowing your toes and feet to wiggle and be free. Featuring contoured cork footbeds, deep heel cups, and roomy toe boxes, Birkenstock clogs and sandals provide more than simple cushioning—they give you the perfect balance of firm support and shock resistance, allowing your feet and body to be naturally supported.

Birkenstock sandals are among the most popular and comfortable shoes in the world. Few footwear options are as recognizable as Birkenstock slides. These sandals have a hippie vibe associated with peace-lovers, granola, and the great outdoors, but the brand makes a variety of designs that are loved by people from all walks of life. From lawyers to musicians, everyone loves Birkenstocks! We’re proud to carry a huge range of the best in Birkenstock footwear, so you’re sure to find your next favorite pair at a great price with us.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Birkenstocks?
Journey’s is the best place to buy Birkenstock shoes. Online shopping is easy with us: You’ll find all of the latest styles, from new Birkenstocks to old classics, and we offer frequent discounts, too. Of course, if you prefer, you can also shop in person at one of our many stores across the country.
Are Birkenstock Sandals Worth the Money?
Fashion bloggers, designers, yogis, and so many more all agree: Birkenstocks are worth it! They are a long-lasting shoe that is extremely comfortable and supportive of your feet. If style is your concern, there are plenty of colors to choose from. And if you prefer covered toes, Birkenstock clogs have the same comfort and look as the sandals.
Are Birkenstock Sandals Good for Your Feet?
Yes: Birkenstocks are designed with foot health in mind. The footbed inside Birkenstock sandals is world-famous because it’s designed to cradle your feet for maximum comfort. Birkenstock was one of the first shoe manufacturers to include contoured arch support in their footwear. If you wear Birkenstocks, your feet will enjoy the support of not just the arch but also the heel and ball of the foot.
Which Style of Birkenstock Is Best?
The best style of Birkenstock is truly just a matter of taste. The most classic style that many think of when they hear the name "Birkenstock" is the Arizona sandal, though Mayari sandals are also popular, as is the Boston clog. Women who want a classier look for less casual outfits might choose the Yara.
What Is the Most Popular Women’s Birkenstock Sandal?
There are many popular styles of Birkenstock sandals, but the top seller is the Arizona, followed by the Mayari. The Arizona is a timeless style, and the Mayari is a comfortable option with a more delicate appearance that pairs well with sundresses.
Do Birkenstocks Run Big or Small?
When you’re buying Birkenstock shoes online, shopping for the same size you usually wear is a good bet, as they tend to run true to size. You should be able to wiggle your foot without hitting the edges of the footpad, and most importantly, they should feel comfortable. Birkenstocks come in regular and wide widths to accommodate many foot sizes. If you are between shoe sizes, opt for the larger size when buying Birkenstocks.
How Long Do Birkenstocks Last?
Birkenstocks are incredibly long-lasting, which is part of their appeal. Birkenstocks will definitely hold up for at least a few years, but just how long will depend on how often they’re worn. Some people have reported wearing the same pair of Birkenstocks for 15 years or more! You can expect to wear your Birkenstocks regularly for at least three to five years.
Are Birkenstocks Good Walking Sandals?
Yes. The arch support, the cushioned layers in the footbed, and the cup for the heel make Birkenstocks comfortable and supportive for miles of walking. Always check to be sure the straps are well-adjusted for the most secure and comfortable fit.
Which Birkenstocks Are Most Fashionable?
This will vary depending on your personal style, but Birkenstock sandals never really go out of fashion. They can be worn by all ages and genders and pair well with pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, or just about anything else you can think of. Whether you want a statement pair of shoes or a more subtle look, there’s a Birkenstock style for you.
Does Journeys Sell Birkenstocks for Kids?
Yes! We sell a full range of sizes of Birkenstocks for all ages, from toddlers to adults online and in our stores.
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