Converse has been making Chuck Taylor All Star and One Star sneakers for more than a century and these street-style classic kicks are as popular as ever. Chuck Taylor shoes embody a classic design and feel combined with the newest trends and customizations. What you wear defines sport, street, and creative culture, and Converse Chucks have been redefining it with you all along.
When you wear Converse shoes, you create your own authentic style just by being yourself. Whether they're being worn by '70s basketball star or on the street with you today, Chuck Taylors have always signified cool, simply because you wear them.
We don't know where you'll go, but we know you'll take Converse into the future with you. Journeys has been a proud supplier of Converse shoes for years, helping people to find styles and colors that show their personality. If you've been searching for Converse shoes online, our on trend inventory is the place to start. If you’d like to try them on before you buy, look no further than your closest Journeys store.
What Colors Do Converse Come In?
Part of the popularity of Chuck Taylor shoes is the huge selection of colors: These shoes are available in pretty much any color you can imagine. From the classic white favored by basketball players in the 1970s to colorful images of your favorite superheroes, Converse shoes come in any color or design you can dream of. These shoes are truly for the individual. Converse colors and patterns offer endless ways to show off your style!
Are Converse Good Shoes for Walking?
Yes, they can be, depending on your feet and how far you plan to walk. Converse are sturdy shoes that can take a beating, but they are known for being a really flat shoe. While this is perfect for something like skateboarding, people with high arches might need to add insoles.
Is it OK to Bleach White Converse?
We get it: You want to keep your Converse clean as new and bright white. But we don't recommend cleaning them by submerging them in bleach. Bleach can damage and break down fabric, so you should dilute the bleach product and scrub the stains, instead of fully submerging your shoes. And make sure to let them air-dry: Don't put them in a dryer.
Take good care of your Chuck Taylor shoes and you'll enjoy them comfortably for years. Many people are such huge fans that they collect pairs in different colors and styles. Whether you favor high-tops or low-tops, we have plenty of colors and styles in our Converse store to suit you!

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