Find the world's most comfortable clogs and sandals with our collection of Crocs for kids and adults. We carry a wide variety of Crocs styles ranging from the easy-to-clean Classic Clogs to the super-laid-back Slides in an array of colors and prints. Choose your favorite pair and customize with Crocs signature Jibbitz™ Charms for a personal touch.
What type of shoe Is a Croc?
Crocs come in a variety of different styles but they’re known for their clogs.
What are the different types of Crocs?
The most popular style is the classic clog but Crocs also makes sandals, slip-ons, wedges, boots, and more.
What are the fuzzy Crocs called?
Fuzzy Crocs are part of the Fuzz Collection. These shoes are usually labeled as either Fuzz-Lined or Fleece-Lined Clogs.
What colors do Crocs come in?
Crocs are available in any color you can imagine as well as a variety of prints and graphics.
What is the smallest size that Crocs come in?
Crocs makes shoes for people of all ages and sizes.
Are Crocs true-to-size?
Yes! Although they are designed for a somewhat loose fit, Crocs typically run true-to-size
Is there a difference between men's and women's Crocs?
There’s no design difference between men’s and women’s Crocs. Most Crocs are unisex.
Are Crocs appropriate for work?
Crocs are perfect for work because they are designed with your comfort in mind. Crocs come in a variety of work-appropriate styles and are great for workers who are on their feet all day.
Are Crocs good beach shoes?
Yes! The water-friendly and easy-to-clean material coupled with the ventilated design make Crocs an ideal choice for the beach or pool.
What are Crocs made of?
Crocs are made from a foam resin called Croslite™. It’s a form of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).
Are Crocs dishwasher/washing machine-safe?
No. Crocs should be cleaned by hand with water and mild soap. Exposing Crocs to the heat of a washing machine or dishwasher can warp or shrink the material.
What are the things on Crocs Called?
Jibbitz™ are charms designed to fit into the holes of Crocs to spruce up your shoes and create a look that’s uniquely yours. You can buy Jibbitz™ in many styles and designs.
What are the holes in Crocs for?
The holes in Crocs are used to attach Jibbitz™ charms.
Why are they called Crocs?
Crocs were named after crocodiles because they live in multiple different environments and have an amphibious nature.

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