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PF Flyers (5 products)

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About PF Flyers
Patented in 1933, Posture Foundation insole technology set a new standard in sneaker comfort. It’s success grew and in 1937 became the basis for the brand name, “PF Flyers.” PF elevated the fashion possibilities of the sneaker, in athletics as well as oxfords, boots, and heels. In stylish materials and tailored craft. PF redefined the modern sneaker for “work, relaxation, and play.” Sport styles by PF were icons of the 1950s, renowned for helping you “play at full speed longer.” The brand earned a permanent place in American mythology. Lionized in stores and films such as “The Sandlot.” In the first collaboration between a sneaker company and a pro player, PF and Bob Cousy, Basketball’s first superstar, created a string of classic court designs. Cousy catapulted to sport legend wearing PF Flyers. By the 1960s, PF Flyers was one of the most popular sneaker brands in America, with fans as far away as South Africa. Women could buy apparel made to match their PF’s. PF was standard issue in the US Army. From fashionable court high tops to timeless deck styles, PF has established some of the most influential and enduring directions in sneaker design. Vaunted classics from the PF archive set the bar by which new PF designs are measured. PF Archival Reissues pay homage to these quintessential models, reissued, with utmost fidelity to the originals in material, build, color and markings.