Teva Sandals and Shoes

Born out of necessity in the 1980s, Teva has been leading the charge in outdoor footwear for decades. In 1984, a crafty Grand Canyon river guide developed the original Teva sandal to prevent tourists and rafting enthusiasts from losing their shoes in the Colorado River, and Teva has been creating innovative footwear ever since. From water-ready sandals to hiking boots, Teva believes in fostering a love of exploration and conservation. Do your part to experience the natural beauty of the world while enjoying the style and comfort of Teva footwear: Shop for men’s, women’s, and kids Teva shoes and sandals online or in-store with Journeys.

Are Teva Sandals Worth It?

Yes. Customers who buy Teva shoes say that Teva’s are a great day-to-day sandal that you can easily get on and off thanks to their simple hook-and-loop straps. You can buy Teva’s online that are lightweight with a good grip on them, offering comfort, support, cushioning, and traction while walking.

What Is the Best Teva Sandal?

The best Teva sandal will depend on what you plan to do in yours. For hiking, the Hurricane XLT2 has earned rave reviews for its super-comfortable cushioning and support. But for everyday use or a day at the beach, you can’t go wrong with the classic Original Universal sandal. Teva footwear can go anywhere!

Are Teva Sandals Good for Walking?

Yes. When you buy Teva sandals, you’ll get shoes that are designed for comfort while walking because they provide flexibility in the forefoot. Teva shoes offer support, stability, cushioning, excellent traction, and even an anti-microbial footbed.

Can I Get My Teva’s Wet?

Absolutely. Teva shoes are completely waterproof, so you can wear your Teva sandals into water without any fear of destroying them. Teva water shoes are great to wear to the beach!

Are Teva’s Good Water Shoes?

Yes! Teva shoes and sandals offer great traction in the water because they’ve been engineered with water-ready webbing, cushioned pads, and soles that are great for gripping any terrain, even when wet. Teva sandals provide safety and stability for people of all ages, whether you plan on wearing them for a swim in the ocean or while walking along river rocks.

Are Teva’s in Style?

While styles are always changing, Teva shoes have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. They’ve even been offering collaborations with designer fashion brands in a variety of different colors!

Can You Customize Teva’s?

Teva’s are a great blank canvas for customization! While Journeys carries a lot of great looks in our Teva shoe offerings, you can go beyond the variety of colors and styles available to make your shoes even more unique to you.

Is Teva Owned By UGG?

No. They’re actually sister brands. While Mark Thatcher was the original creator of the Teva brand, today, Deckers Brands owns both Teva and UGG.

Where Can I Buy Teva Sandals Near Me?

It’s easy to find a great selection of Teva shoes near you when you shop with Journeys! We sell all of the most popular styles as a Teva retailer. Buy Teva shoes online or get them in one of our many stores across the country!

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